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This is the English language version of my site on SVG
Scalable Vector Graphics.


Latest update: 04.2007 
On these pages I want to infect you with my enthusiasm for SVG.
I once only published one single page on SVG on one of my private sites in April 2001. Very soon my logfile told me of my visitors' high interest in this topic, so I decided to open up this new site in December 2001.
Since then I have been collecting quite a big amount of information and wrote test reports, tutorials and other files which let you participate in my experiences in the wonderfull SVG world.
Allthough I only have my spare time for feeding this site, SVG is worth the effort.
I promise: if you go for SVG, you will never stop finding new exciting features and possibilities :-)
One of the goodies is that SVG is interesting both for graphic artists as well as for programmers and since it is easy to learn: give it a go!
This site was born in December 2001
Whole site translated to English: July 2003
Latest update on this site: April 2007

If you can see the image on the right,
you already have an SVG viewer installed :-)
If not, you will find the Adobe SVG Viewer here.

Learn more about SVG viewers on my page on software.

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