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Latest update: 02.08.2006 

 Introductions, tutorials, tips etc.
 Nice SVG-art or sites completely made with SVG
 Cartography and geology
 SVG combined with JavaScript, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby...
 SVG vs. Flash

 Mobile SVG
 Real world SVG

There are further links (to suppliers of software) on the software-page.

 Introductions, Tutorials, Tips etc. 
 Helma Spona
 A little SVG-tutorial (basics) by the author of the book
 "Einsteigerseminar - SVG - Webgrafiken mit XML"
 Another site by Helma Spona, containing amongst others a list of FAQs
 Very comprehensive tutorial
 "Learning by Coding" by Dr. Thomas Meinike. Not a real tutorial, but a big
 collection of SVG-elements (with code), serving as introduction and reference
A tutorial-site similar to SELFHTML
 Stefan Schumacher has begun
 to translate the specification of 4th September 2001 into German.
 Small introducing tutorials
 FH Joanneum
 Nice introduction into SVG
 W3C The most important link at all.
 SVG-specifications and always up to date information
 The second most important site, amongst others many tutorials and demos
 A fast growing collection of infos on SVG, founded in December 2001, Tobias Reif
 Many important links and infos and several little pieces of SVG-art.
 KevLinDev, Kevin Lindsey
 Many really good tutorials!
 Learn SVG by Jon Frost, Stefan Goessner and Michel Hirtzler
 A collection of tutorials. The authors have also published an eBook.
 Several very interesting examples, applications and instructions.
 Tutorial on the WWW2002 conference on Hawaii
 Files of the presentation/tutorial in the SVG- and PDF-format
 An even more detailed tutorial by Ivan Herman, Bob Hopgood, David Duce
 in the SVG-format
 Gerald Bauer
 Very good overview, also many code examples
 List of Frequently Asked Questions about SVG
  - Long introducing arcticle with examples by J. David Eisenberg
  - Server Side SVG (using Batik) by J. David Eisenberg
  - Sacré SVG!, monthly column (tutorials) by Antoine Quint
  - The Visual Display of Quantitative XML by Fabio Arciniegas A.
 Article on text made with SVG
 digitalcraft, Peter Schonefeld
 Tutorial "Viewing SVG" (canvas, viewBox, viewport)
 A very comprehensive linklist, linking directly to interesting SVG-files.
 Web Developer's Virtual Library
 Burning Pixel
 French portal on SVG, has some nice tutorials

 Nice SVG-art or sites completely made with SVG back to topback to top
 Five very nice animations, the last one (no. 5) is interactive
 Comics: Created with Illustrator 10 and exported to SVG.
Gorgeous and extremely funny! You should have some spare time ;-)
Every day a new chapter, started in February 2003. English version available, too!
 Some very impressive pages in the SVG-format... Flash couldn't do them any better
 Domenico Strazzullo:
 - Site of the performance-artist Pat Oleszko
 - Interactive game of colour and light
 - A very nice short story (1. part)
 - 2. part of the now also interactive short story
 Micah Nova
 An SVG-Comic
 Optical illusions, made with SVG. Very impressive.
 James C. Deering created a complete site in the SVG format
You will also see many beautiful illustrations made with Illustrator and inserted into
the SVG pages
 Doug Schepers, animated head showing how speech is made
A very nice visualization for students of Phonetics
 From Siame, the makers of Vector Eye:
A nice experimental pure SVG site made with Vector Eye and Sodipodi
 From Alwin (aka Hippie Jack):
See funny animations, or even make one yourself. Crazy stuff :-)
 With Dave Biggar's Tartan Weaver you can weave your own tartan plaid
according to your preferences.

 SVGspider by Andrew Watt, the very first site in the world completely made
with SVG, is not online right now :-(
You can, however, have a look at it in this online archive.

 Geographie Innsbruck
 Tirol Atlas: several interactive SVG-maps
 Site on geographical information systems
 Examples of SVG-maps, very long linklist, software: Map2SVG
 Interactive map of the district Dulsberg in Hamburg, Germany
German, English, French, Spanish:
 carto:net, Andreas Neumann + André M. Winter
 Cartography on the internet using SVG
 University diploma papers, many SVG-examples with commented code and above all
 smashing interactive topographical and statistical maps (SVG + JavaScript)
 A lot of maps, which have been made using SVGMapMaker
 A lot of maps in the SVG-format

 SVG combined with JavaScript, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby... back to topback to top
 here on this site: SVG + PHP
 Description of the production of a poll using SVG and PHP (without a database)
English, French:
 Pilat, Michel Hirtzler
 Amongst others many examples of SVG-files using JavaScript
 Tools, games and animations
English: SVG und Java SVG und JSP
 RO IT Systems, Ronan Oger
 Generating SVG-files serverside using Perl, amongst others some tutorials
 Generating SVG-files serverside using Perl, many demos, Tobias Reif
 Again (see above): SVG and Ruby
 Again carto:net (see above): here a nice example of a dynamically generated
 SVG-file using PHP Generating SVG-graphics using PHP

 SVG vs. Flash
 A third time carto:net (see above):
 Very detailed comparison of SVG and Flash (in a table)
 digitalcraft, Peter Schonefeld
 Comparison of SVG and Flash (in whole sentences)

 Games back to topback to top
Here on this site:
 Finding easter-eggs, here
 For this game I mainly used SVG (and a little bit of JavaScript).
 Playing Tennis, here (new window/tab)
 A simple game (SVG and JavaScript) by Stephen De Gabrielle
 XML-web, Manfred Knobloch (see below)
 A memory game (SVG and JavaScript)
 Pilat, Michel Hirtzler again (see above): Several games (SVG and JavaScript)
 Toddler in SVG: A puzzle (SVG and JavaScript)
 Outer Court, Philipp Lenssen: PEARL VII, great game!!! (SVG and ECMAScript)
 KevLinDev, Kevin Lindsay again (see above)
 A "shooting asteroids"-game *-Roids (SVG and JavaScript)
 RO IT Systems, Ronan Oger again (see above)
 Two games: "Tank Battle" and "perlyroids" (SVG, JavaScript and Perl)
 ("perlyroids" is a modification of Kevin Lindsay's game *-Roids)
 Ivan Herman, slides of his presentation on 11th October 2002 in Tampere.
 Slide no. 26: game Minesweeper (SVG and ECMAScript)
 04.2003: Bricks, by Manuel Bauwens (SVG and JavaScript)
 08.2003: Solitaire, by Doug Schepers (SVG and JavaScript)
 11.2003: SVG Raiders, by Chris Peto (SVG and ECMAScript)
 11.2003: Dale Ellis has started to make another list of SVG games.
 since 03.2004: Holger Will creates gorgeous games, e.g. Crashdown
or Connect Four. I love them! (SVG and JavaScript)
 04.2005: Christopher Lewis created this nice game with Trains
 06.2006: This SVG+JavaScript Asteroids game by Kam-Hung Soh works with
native/inline SVG in Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9(beta) without any Plugin! Great!

 mobile SVG
14. March 2004: I have just created an extra page on mobile SVG, which is here.

 Other: back to topback to top
 XML-web, Manfred Knobloch
 Transformations of XML-files into SVG-graphics via XSLT
 MSpec::SVG, application by Dr. Thomas Meinike
 Dynamic generation of mass spectra with SVG
 Paper by Dr. Thomas Meinike, 20.11.2002 (presentation slides in the SVG-format)
 Topic: "'On the fly'-generation of SVG-files on the webserver"
 SMIL, the W3C-language for audiovisual interactive elements.
A part of SMIL is part of the SVG-specification for animations.
 SchemaSoft Philip A. Mansfield, Darryl W. Fuller
Graphical Stylesheets - Using XSLT to Generate SVG
 A weather service for Northamerica, which dynamically shows the present weather
for the entered ZIP-code area in a beautiful SVG-graphic.
A project by Tom Groves and Micah Laaker.
 SVG and its Path into the Linux Desktop
A very good article by Christian Schaller from 23.03.2004
 SVG Editor by Chris Peto
An SVG editor created with SVG and ECMAScript

 Real World SVG
 Government of Upper Austria: graphical visualisation of present water levels
of bigger rivers in Upper Austria using SVG and ASP
 Local public transport of the city of Freiburg
Interactive local transport map with timetable.
 Federal Statistical Office, Germany
Population pyramid for Germany from 1950 until 2050. Very impressive!
Version for England and Wales here.
Both versions on the same page here.
 Der Bundeswahlleiter, Results of the European Election 2004
Interactive map of Germany
 Interactive visualisation of present water levels in Germany
 The GIS experts of Bonn University created a lovely application for children
informing about the "Melting ice on Mount Kenya".
Only Internet Explorer with the ASV plugin.
 Bibliothèque nationale de France, French National Library
 Big image-exposition in the SVG-format
 oculismedia, commercial site
 Interesting use of interactive SVG for selling property on the net
 Flying eCards, free fun-service:
 Here you can create personal electronic greeting-cards as SVG-animations.
 Oakland International Airport Noise Management Program
 Visualisation of the air traffic and the noise level in San Francisco Bay
 National Statistics Online, UK
 Population pyramid for England and Wales since 1961

 Forum:, German and English
 Mailinglist on Yahoo: svg_german, since June 2004. Not very active.
 Mailinglist and forum at Yahoo: svg-developers
 The most active list. Since spring 2002 the postings can be read without any login.

 Mailinglist at Yahoo: SVG-Mobile
 SVG on mobile phones, PDAs etc... List founded in August 2002

 Archive of the SVG mailinglist of the W3C
 Adobe's SVG forum (you will need to register)
 Forum "DHTML, SVG, Animation" at Virtual Mechanics
 Newsgroup: adobe.svg
 Newsgroup: (WebDraw)
 Newsgroup: netscape.public.mozilla.svg

 The mailinglist svg-coders (with online archive), which was founded 15.05.2002,
 has been shut down on 20.10.2005

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