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SVG files on this site
Note: They work best (or only) with Adobe SVG Viewer 3 (ASV) in Internet Explorer.

SVG files 

decorative image: card-files

Latest update: Dec 2005 
  Fun and mixed stuff:
 A Christmas animation
Please switch on your loudspeakers.
 Game: Searching for easter-eggs
 Animated genie in a bottle
 Various: This is what SVG can do and much more...
 SVG oasis: Sit down and relax for two minutes in an oasis.
Please switch on your loudspeakers.
There also is a file which explains how I made the oasis here.
 Poll: A poll on SVG, made with PHP and SVG
There also is a tutorial for this poll here.
 Game: A very simple click-game to show interactivity in SVG files
without any additional scripting.
 Banner ad: I feel bothered by banner ads as well, but in order to play around
with SVG I made one myself. Just for fun. It has the right message though ;-)
My very first attempts long time ago, the SVG test pages:

 Test page no. 1: Basic info - How to use the Adobe SVG Viewer (German text)
 Test page no. 2: Animation (German text)
 Test page no. 3: Sound (German and English text)
New versions of two HTML pages:
I originally intended to make SVG versions of all HTML files of this site,
but then I decided not to, amongst others because of the additional work
when adding new information to several versions of a page.
 SVG version of the (German) page on software
 SVG version of the (German) page on literature + press
 (with a hierarchical pull-down-menue incl. mouseover-effect)
Files from others:
 A simple tennis game with stereo sound by Stephen De Gabrielle
made with SVG and JavaScript

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